Frequently Asked Questions

Can I travel to Malaysia for healthcare treatment now?

Only foreign nationals who require medical treatment for critical illnesses or serious health problems can apply to enter Malaysia during RMCO. They MUST obtain permission to enter Malaysia prior to their traveling date and agree to comply with stipulated terms and conditions. Please refer to MHTC ( website for further details.

What is the Standard Operating Procedure to travel to Malaysia for healthcare purposes?

Pre Arrival Healthcare Traveller requirement

  1. Schedule for treatment with a private hospital registered as a member of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) and request a Doctor’s Letter from your doctor.
  2. Submit the required documents to the selected hospital and apply for Permission to Enter Malaysia for Medical Treatment to the hospital.
  3. The application will be submitted to MHTC by the member hospital of your choice.
  4. Upon successful application, an Entry Approval Letter will be issued by MHTC which will be sent to you via the hospital.
  5. Apply for a visa (if applicable) for yourself and your companion and make the necessary arrangements for air transportation after receiving the Entry Approval Letter from the hospital.
  6. Both the Healthcare Traveller and companion must undergo the COVID-19 PCR test (Round 1) at MHTC recognized testing centres three (3) days prior to the arrival date into Malaysia.

What documents should I prepare to travel into Malaysia for urgent medical treatment?
  1. Print the following documents before travelling:
    1. Doctor’s Letter from your doctor issued by the receiving hospital.
    2. Entry Approval Letter from Malaysia Healthcare Traveller Council (MHTC).
    3. COVID-19 PCR test (ROUND 1) results for the Healthcare Traveller and companion(s).

  2. Download the “MySejahtera” app (available on Android and iOS devices) and register before departure or upon arrival in Malaysia.

What are the travel restrictions in traveling to Malaysia now?

Under Movement Control Order (MCO), certain travel restrictions apply for Malaysia. Only selected and restricted travellers are allowed to enter Malaysia including health travelers. All travellers must obtained a Permission to Enter Malaysia prior to their arrival and comply with Terms and Conditions set forth by the Government of Malaysia

What kind of treatments are eligible for exemption under Malaysia’s border control?

  • Critical patients who require intensive care in the ICU or HDU
  • Patients with serious health problems such as cancer, cardiology and other diseases.
  • Where can I get updates about the COVID-19 situation in Malaysia?

    For more info you can refer to the Ministry of Health Malaysia website

    Where can I undertake the pre-travel COVID-19 testing?

    You will need to take the Covid-19 PCR test at a lab/hospital/centre that is recognized by MHTC. Please approach your preferred MHTC member hospital for more information.

    Can I use my clinic’s screening results?

    Only Covid-19 PCR tests are accepted. You and your companion must undergo the test THREE days prior to arrival date to Malaysia at the selected centres recognized by MHTC.

    Do companions and patients have to be relatives?

    Yes. The companion must be from immediate family members and must submit their proof of relationship.

    If the patient/healthcare traveller is disabled, can there be more than one companion?

    Only one (1) companion is allowed to accompany one healthcare traveller, except for healthcare travellers below 12 years old, where a maximum of two (2) companions is allowed.

    If I don’t require urgent treatment but can fly in via private jet, can I still apply for treatment during the Movement Control Order?

    Healthcare travellers are advised to check with their preferred hospital on this matter and MUST comply with all terms stipulated in the Standard Operating Procedure.

    Is there an estimate date for when borders will be open for non-urgent healthcare travellers?

    Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest announcements.

    Can I travel in via other land/ water transport?

    Only air transportation is allowed at the moment.

    Can I take the transit flight from KLIA to another state (i.e Penang) and receive treatment there?

    No, travelling for medical treatment during this period is limited to direct flights only.

    Will the treatment period be separate or part of the 14-day isolation period?

    The treatment procedures can be done within the 14-day isolation period, subject to the hospital’s discretion. Please check with your hospital.

    Can the patient & companion go back early if the treatment is completed?

    Both the patient and companion must complete 14 days of isolation period before departing to their home country. Both the patient and companion are responsible to check entry restrictions and adhere to the regulations imposed by the destination country.

    Does the companion have to undergo the isolation period at the hospital?

    Yes, the companion must undergo 14 days of isolation period at the hospital.

    Can MHTC help me get transport to enter Malaysia if I require urgent medical treatment?

    Patients are advised to liaise with MHTC member hospitals directly for any logistical arrangements.

    If my doctor who I always see is from a non-MHTC member hospital, can I still apply for entry?

    MHTC only facilitates applications from MHTC member hospitals.

    Are all MHTC member hospitals currently accepting healthcare travellers?

    At the moment, only selected MHTC member hospitals are accepting healthcare travellers. Kindly contact for the updated list.

    Can my insurance cover the cost of this urgent medical treatment and travel to Malaysia?

    Healthcare travellers are advised to check with their own insurance company about their policy coverage.

    What healthcare treatments are Malaysia known for?

    Malaysia is known for a variety of treatments. To find out the top medical treatments in Malaysia, click here.

    Which hospitals in Malaysia can I go to for treatment?

    For the full list of MHTC member hospitals in Malaysia, click here.

    How do I get a health screening appointment or a doctor’s appointment in Malaysia?

    To make a health screening appointment or doctor’s appointment, please contact our Call Centre at Our dedicated team will assist you.

    Is there a specific medical treatment visa or a health visa?

    Yes. Patients who come to Malaysia for medical treatment can apply for a medical visa or a health visa before entering Malaysia. For more information please click here.

    Does my insurance cover the cost of medical treatment in Malaysia?

    Policy holders are advised to check with their insurance company about their policy coverage.

    How do I know what doctor to see?

    Please contact our Call Centre at Our dedicated team will assist you.

    How do I make an appointment to see a specialist?

    Please contact our Call Centre at Our dedicated team will assist you.

    Will doctors in Malaysia require my past medical records?

    Patients are encouraged to bring their past medical reports or doctor’s letter during their appointment with MHTC member hospitals.

    Do the doctors in Malaysia speak English?

    Yes. Besides English, Malay and Mandarin are also widely spoken in Malaysia.

    Can I get translator services at the hospital?

    Patients are advised to liaise with MHTC member hospitals directly to arrange for translator services.

    Are there Muslim-friendly hospitals in Malaysia?

    All MHTC member hospitals are Muslim-friendly in that they provide halal food, prayer facilities/amenities and have Muslim staff on hand. Should you have any concerns, please contact our Call Centre at Our dedicated team will assist you.

    Do I need a visa / pass to travel to Malaysia for healthcare treatments?

    This is subject to your nationality. To verify your visa requirements, click here.

    How much cash can I bring on me?

    You are only allowed local currency (Malaysian Ringgit-MYR): up to MYR 30,000.- and foreign currencies: up to USD 10,000.- or equivalent. Higher amounts may be exported if import has been declared upon arrival.

    What medications are illegal in Malaysia?

    To find out what medications are illegal in Malaysia, please visit the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) website, or click here.

    Is Malaysia disabled-friendly?

    Malaysia strives to be a more disabled-friendly destination. Popular tourist destinations and MHTC member hospitals cater to differently-abled people.

    I want my hospital to become a member of MHTC. How do I do that?

    Please contact our Call Centre at Our dedicated team will assist you.

    What’s the difference between Elite and Ordinary member hospitals of MHTC?

    Elite membership is by invitation only.

    Do I pay for my appointments and bookings for healthcare treatments to MHTC?

    No. MHTC does not collect any fees from healthcare travellers.

    I had a great experience in Malaysia and want to share my story, who do I contact?

    We would be delighted to hear about your experience. Please reach out to our team at so we can get in touch with you.