Februari 22, 2021

Screening & Diagnosis: Men’s Health

Here are some common health issues that men face and why it is important that early screenings be done to prevent them and avoid further complications.  […]
Februari 15, 2021

Bariatric: Diseases Associated with Obesity

Being overweight and obese can lead to a host of health issues that can be life threatening. “To keep the body in good health is a […]
Februari 8, 2021

Screening & Diagnosis: Hereditary Screening

With the advancement in medical technology, it is now possible to screen early for hereditary health disorders in ensuring prevention and targeted care for illnesses that […]
Februari 1, 2021

Three Health Checks Every Woman Should Do

Statistics show that women are quite conscientious about health and make many of the healthcare decisions in their families. Yet, while women are said to be […]
Januari 25, 2021

Knee, Foot and Ankle Care for Runners

Running has been touted as the most accessible sport or form of exercise in the world as all you actually need to run is a pair […]
Januari 18, 2021

Health Screening in Your Forties

If you’re about to turn 40, you’ve probably got more exciting plans than going for a health screening, like having a big birthday bash or going […]
Januari 11, 2021

Orthopaedics: Joints Issues (Detection & Symptoms)

The joints in our body help us perform many functions that involve mobility. Wear-and-tear and injury, however, can affect the joints,  manifesting as pain or discomfort. […]
Januari 4, 2021

Alzheimer’s Disease and Stroke: Warning Signs

In this youth-obsessed society, many of us are sensitive to the physical signs of ageing. We lament each new grey hair or wrinkle and spend time […]
Desember 30, 2020
screening for joints

Getting Tested for Joint Pain

Do you have aching joints? The pain is considered normal after a hard-hitting workout or physical exertion. However, if your joint pain is persistent and starting […]