Malaysia Healthcare presents the “Malaysia Year of Healthcare Travel 2020” (MyHT2020), a year-long healthcare travel campaign, which invites everyone to seek health and wellness treatments in Malaysia, whilst enjoying the country’s tourism attractions.


Hosted in tandem with Visit Malaysia (VM) 2020, MyHT2020 celebrates the importance of physical and mental well-being and hopes that everyone will come and Experience Malaysia Healthcare.

MyHT2020 commemorates Malaysia’s success in being a world-class healthcare travel destination,acknowledged so by fellow industry peers and experts across the globe. Malaysia is a ‘Healthcare Marvel’, offering a truly unique patient experience through the combination of award-winning healthcare services coupled with the country’s long-standing reputation as a preferred holiday travel destination.

Key Experiences


The World’s Healthcare Marvel

Malaysia, a country of 32million people, is already a pacesetter, punching above its weight in the Healthcare Travel sector. Dubbed “Destination of the Year” for healthcare travel, three years consecutively by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), Malaysia continues to both facilitate and fascinate healthcare travellers from all over the world, with over 1.2million arrivals in 2018 alone.

The marvel behind Malaysia’s success is attributed to its unique healthcare travel DNA – an integrated, modern, award winning healthcare infrastructure that blends harmoniously with the country’s reputation as a preferred tropical holiday destination.

The offering is further complemented by the involvement of the Malaysian Government, to ensure strict regulatory compliance across all services, giving healthcare seekers the much-needed peace of mind and assurance.

Malaysia Healthcare has not only set standards; it has redefined the industry expectations of what it means to truly offer a holistic healthcare travel experience. Malaysia is truly The World’s Healthcare Marvel.