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Juli 4, 2022

End the Silence on Hepatitis C

Globally, an estimated 58 million people are infected with Hepatitis C; 10 million of them are in Southeast Asia. Many more remain undiagnosed. Approximately 79% of […]
Juni 29, 2022

Who is at high risk from Hepatitis C (HCV)?

Myth: You can tell someone has Hepatitis C just by looking at them. Fact: Approximately 80% of people do not exhibit any symptoms following initial infection[1]. […]
Juni 16, 2022

What’s The Big Deal with Hepatitis C?

Often known as the silent killer, as many infected are asymptomatic, Hepatitis C is a bloodborne infection that leads to inflammation of the liver caused by […]
Juni 14, 2022

Waiting for the Cure: The quest to deliver an affordable treatment for hepatitis C in Malaysia